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It’s been a long time coming…it’s a zoo down there and other places as well

Zero tolerance for illegal fishing in Port Hope Signs are being installed along part of the Ganaraska River in Port Hope to bring attention to the zero tolerance approach the municipality will take in regards to illegal fishing activity. More info:

Brockton avoids red tape if they decide to remove Truax dam on the Saugeen River

Brockton avoids red tape if they decide to remove Truax dam on the Saugeen River via Facebook Pages

As salmon begin to stage for the autumn runs on the Great Lakes tributaries, see what scientists are saying about the social behavoirs of salmon.

Scientists investigate social patterns of salmon Each summer, millions of fish return to Bristol Bay, and then swim on to the stream where they were born to spawn, and die. Exactly what compels them to return to the right spot is unknown. But scientists think that some hatchery-raised steelhead in Oregon might hold a clue. […]

The 2016 LHFC Chantry Classic Salmon Derby is currently underway and finishes up August 7. Here are the top 10 standings as of this morning!

Chantry Chinook Classic Salmon Derby – 2016 Family entries are defined as parents or grandparents or guardians and dependent children 17 years of age and under. (2 Generations Only) More info:

A Call For Directors

Recently our News & Media Director resigned his position, which has left us in need to fill this position as soon as possible. This position requires the ideal candidate to act as the principal person responsible for Newsletters, Website Updates, Press Releases, etc. Additionally our Derby and Social Events Director will be retiring his position […]

Saugeen River Steelhead Spring Release

Al Wilkens wanted to say a few words to the Ontario Steelheaders: As Manager of the Lake Huron Fishing Club’s Kincardine Trout Hatchery I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the Ontario Steelheaders who gave up a major portion of “opening day” weekend to move the rainbows out of the Kincardine and Port […]

Spring Saugeen Steelhead Transfer Complete

The Ontario Steelheads in cooperation with Lake Huron Fishing Club has completed a another mobile transfer of adult steelhead trout up river. The transfer is conducted with custom aquariums on wheels and travel over 50 miles upriver, aiding the steelhead (rainbow trout) overcome many of the obstacles such as the 20+ dams on the Saugeen […]

Friends of the Saugeen: Update

Here is the latest newsletter from the newly formed conservation efforts, Friends of the Saugeen: Spring Newsletter April 2016 – HAPPY EARTH DAY View this email in your browser Welcome to the Friends of the Saugeen! The Friends of the Saugeen (working name only, this group is NOT official yet and its name WILL be changing) […]

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