We are coming up to our two year anniversary since the current BOD was established and our membership roster continues to grow and presently we are well over 190 members. Membership renewals and new sign-ups were held at the Fall Derby. The Spring Derby of 2012 was also a huge success.

I hate to beat an old horse (so to say) but there truly is ‘Power in Numbers’. The Ontario Steelheaders success is directly related to the strength of its membership, so I urge you all to continue to support our efforts by renewing your membership. I can assure you all that, your Board of Directors has been working diligently over the past two years to restore this organization to what it once was Your membership support has, and will continue to make this work possible.

Please keep in mind that all membership dollars received are 100% directed to the Ontario Steelheaders and their goals and objectives. The money received from the actual membership fees is relatively small compared to the donations, grants and bursaries from businesses, government organizations and other community groups. However, to be considered relevant by many of these organizations it is beneficial for our organization to show a wealth of members within its membership roster. The power is in the numbers, as it demonstrates to these various organizations that we have a committed (and large) group of people who continue to support our objectives and efforts through a spirit of volunteerism.

On a somber note, it is with great sadness to report the passing of one of our long standing members, Mr. Jim McIntyre (Mac). Mac passed away suddenly in June. On behalf of the Ontario Steelheaders, I express our condolences to his family and friends.

Also with a heavy heart, I report the passing of another long time Ontario Steelheaders member, Mr. Keith Berkley. Keith succumbed to cancer after a courageous fight. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Munro organized the procurement of a granite memorial and many of our members donated money to help cover the cost. Again on behalf of the Ontario Steelheaders we wish to express our condolences to Keith’s friends and family for their loss.

I continue to view my role as Membership Director as being an interactive role. I have the responsibility to ensure that our members receive the information, handouts, memos, updates etc. that our directors prepare for us. You should note that the most recent membership application form provided an option for those of you who wish to opt out of receiving mail through Canada Post and only receive email communications. I realize that for some of our members continue to depend on receiving our communications through Canada Post and this will continue. However for those of you who have selected to opt out and receive email communications only, I thank you, as this does reduce our overall operating costs. However, regardless of how you wish to receive your communications please ensure that I have received your most up to date contact information.

I continue to ask for any and all of your input regarding any suggestions that you may have, as this is YOUR organization and your input is valued. Please send your comments to: membership@ontariosteelheaders.ca, or include them with your membership renewal.

I enjoyed seeing many of you at the fall derby on October 13, 2012. I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead of us in the coming year. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions regarding your membership or club communications, and I would be only too happy to assist.

Madeline Walker
Membership Director