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We would welcome you joining our growing membership and helping us make a significant impact on steelhead fisheries in Ontario. For more information, check out our Member Benefits. I’ve you’ve made up your mind, click the button below to begin the membership application process.

Make a Donation

Remember the amazing fishing you’ve experienced on the Saugeen and other nearby rivers? The Saugeen River and other Ontario rivers need our help to keep waterways clean and the fish stocking programs running. Running hatcheries, purchasing and maintaining equipment is costly. Just the cost to feed one single tank at one of two hatcheries per day can run as high as $100 per day. Please consider donating and give back! Any donation amount is appreciated.

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We need volunteers to step up and help with programs and work need to be completed to sustain a pristine watersheds in Ontario including, but not limited the Saugeen River. The work is intensive and its up to us to provide the same experiences we have on Ontario rivers for our children and grandchildren. Have a voice and help regulate the actions of corporations and government and their impacts on the Saugeen River and other Ontario rivers. Your help can be used to help with the following:

  • Fish Transfers
  • Egg Collection
  • Park Maintenance
  • Dam Maintenance
  • Hatchery Work
  • Fish Release Programs
  • River Garbage Collection
  • Newsletter Articles

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Use the Park

You can help the Ontario Steelheader efforts by using and enjoying the Denny’s Dam Park each time you fish the Saugeen River. The park offers safe daily vehicle parking, overnight and weekly camping and RV usage. Restrooms are also available for when nature calls. The best part is your vehicle is parked only steps away from access to some of the best steelhead and salmon runs on the Saugeen River.

Our affordable vehicle parking and overnight camping fees go to fund the park and its expenses. Additional proceeds from the park are passed on to the Ontario Steelheaders towards rehabilitation and fishery efforts.

Learn more about the park.


We welcome all businesses, small and large to consider sponsoring one of our events and promote your business as one that cares about natural habitats and the hard work of the volunteers committee members and others who make each year a success. Sponsorship opportunities range from products like fishing equipment and gift certificates to equipment and services for the fish ladder and trap maintenance and hard-hat work. Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.


Partnerships provide Ontario Steelheaders members and supporters with an opportunity to understand the concerns and perspectives of eachother, resulting in a combined effort to rehabilitate and protect our fisheries and related natural resources. We partner with many organizations from many different industries and markets. If you have an idea on how your organization can partner with Ontario Steelheaders to accomplish a goal in regards to local fisheries, learn more how we can work together!

Decal Support Program

Show your customers you support local natural habitat conservation. Participate in our Decal Support Program by simply purchasing a decal and apply to your store window or company vehicles! Its a great way to get your business involved. Learn more about our decal support and other advertising programs.

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We have several affordable advertising opportunities for your business. Opportunities range from newsletter to website, decal support program, sponsorships and more. Check out our advertising opportunities.

Report Poaching & Harvesting

We have all seen people poaching and harvesting fish and eggs. This behavior is not only illegal but disrespectful to the volunteers over the years who have worked so hard to make the Saugeen River the great fishery it is. Do your part and report any signs of poaching or harvesting of rainbow trout or salmon.

The law states a person can only have a maximum of two rainbow trout in their possession at any given time. This includes vehicle, freezer, stringer, hook and BBQ. Daily take-home limits are also limited to a maximum of two rainbow trout, including if you gift a fish to another person.

You can report the violation anonymously by calling 1-800-MNR-TIPS.

Photos and a license plate number will ensure a successful criminal investigation on behalf of the authorities.

Share & Spread the Word

You can help by simply sharing the pages and articles you see on our website with friends, family or anyone interested in fisheries, fishing, kayaking, camping, hiking and nature conservation.

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