Hi Karl.

We have a position from the MNRF about the regs and the fact that the Truax Dam no longer exists as a barrier or has a fish ladder etc. Please see below and share with OS if you like.


Todd Craig MNRF
To Kelly

I have had a chat with Conservation Officer Zadworny for his enforcement perspective – also chatted with our supervisor Tracy and fish and wildlife staff Ben.

The overall consensus is:
1. page 13 under general fishing regulations no longer applies as there is no obstruction, fishway or leap
2. page 119 will stand as it is – there will continue to be a extended season as usual starting at the remnants of the dam

Tracy has contacted the policy folks in Peterborough and it is too late to change the regs for 2020 so they will read the same as they do for 2019 we may request changes to the extended season starting line – could be the “remnants of the dam”, could be the highway bridge or some other obvious visual marker along the river in that area that will show up in the wording for 2021.

Hope that helps


Craig Todd
Partnership Specialist
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry
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