Good Evening Fellow Ontario Steelheaders,

This notification was sent to everyone on 12-09-18; through a blind cc email process to protect all members email addresses. Additionally, please note that all of the information is now being posted onto our website.

Please see the attached memos regarding the newsletter, as well as, the By-Law amendment to the constitution.

The memo regrading BOD position is being sent out advising that our current Derby Director, Kodey Buchanan is stepping down from this position at the end of this year. We would like to thank Kodey for all of his hard work and wish him well in his future endeavors. This has created an open position on the Board of Directors. We currently have asked Brian Zettler to step in on the interim basis and he has agreed and is also willing to accept the position on a full-time basis.

However, in keeping with our constitution, as this position is now available – we are notifying all members in good standing to inform them that if they so choose to want to take on this position, then to please advise me at by the end of December 2018. If we have more than one person who is willing and capable of taking on this position then we will hold an election. Please note that the position is a commitment for a full term, which is 4 years and while extenuating circumstances may prevent a Director from fulfilling their commitment to this, we would appreciate in receiving feedback from potential candidates who believe that they can commit to the 4-year term.

I have attached a copy of the constitution, which provides an outline of a Director’s responsibilities for your review. Please note that the Ontario Steelheaders hosts a Spring and Fall Derby, in which you would be expected to organize, promote and run. Provide and prepare food for the event, as well as, solicit prizes for draws, sell raffle tickets and derby entrance tickets, as well as, clean up duties following the derby’s, etc. Additionally during the derby’s you are expected to speak publicly and make any announcements as required. You are also expected to attend regular BOD meetings. All monies obtained through the derby are to be handed over to the treasurer at the end of the day with a breakdown of any expenses incurred for reimbursement.

Please note that details regarding a possible election will be pending depending on outcome of response to this notification.

Thank You,

Madeline Walker
Membership Director
Ontario Steelheaders Inc.

Ontario Steelheaders Newsletter Update

BY-Law to constitution December 2018

BOD Position Memo December 9 2018

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