March 16, 2018

Greetings Darryl,

I am responding on behalf of Shawn as he is on vacation.

As discussed previously, in effort to effectively manage the Beatty Saugeen River Fishery, the MNRF is encouraging the natural migration and selection of rainbow trout to the headwaters without the manual transferring of rainbow trout. Our position on this has not changed, as such MNRF is not approving the Steelheaders to transfer adults this spring. The goal of the 50 tagged fish is to support a very specific research project.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Tracy Allison
Resources Management Supervisor
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Midhurst District- Owen Sound Field Office

March 18, 2018

From: Darryl Choronzey

Very disappointing. Your folks ( one in particular) could only collect one fish last fall instead of 50. Great preparation and knowledge?

-Your office played with underwater cameras for two years which were a total bust.

-Your office installed a fishway that only works a very small percentage of the time.

-Your office decided to stock the Chatsworth steelhead above Maple Hill and were warned it was asinine. The turbines wasted them.

-Your office decided to count redds on the Beatty which is impossible to achiev.

-Your office only had to put one antenna on each of the two fishways at Maple Hill. Instead the powers to be were going to ‘rent’ an airplane and track the fish.

-Your office could still follow the 50 fish and still let the Steelheaders carry out an important transporting program at absolutely no cost to the MNR or the taxpayer. Approximately 4500 fish never saw the proper spawning grounds since the decision was made. Some experiment????

-I really believe the Owen Sound office cares little about the local fishery or the region’s economy and more about experiment and gaining a name on a study paper. There was absolutely no reason for cancelling or postponing this program which came to you free of charge.

-Like I’ve said in the past, I’m no longer doing any actual work with the Steelheaders, but this decision is nothing more than a wasteful joke and it will drastically affect the quality of this river and the anglers attempts to maintain and still improve the fishery.

-I’ve been around the Ontario sport fishery for more than 50 years and never witnessed anything like this problem.

-Pass this message on to Shawn that communications with the right people are still lacking in the Grey / Bruce region.

Thank you for your reply.