Greetings Everyone,

I have confirmed ‎with GLFC that dredging is to be completed by Friday Sept 22.

Until sediment results come back from the lab, dredgate may be stockpiled onsite, above the high water mark and suitably contained to prevent entry into the water. We are anticipating a significant number of fish next week. This measure was put in place in effort to mitigate adverse impacts and ensure dredging completion by end of this week.

It is anticipated that the dredging work will result in sufficient flow through the fishway to allow fish passage without the addition of stoplogs. If required, additional logs may be added to assist in directing water through the fishway. Under this scenario, logs to direct flow are not going to raise water levels in the construction area.

All fall 2017 work is scheduled to be completed October 1.

Have a great day!
Tracy Allison,
Resources Management Supervisor
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Midhurst District- Owen Sound Field Office