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As you are aware, Rehabilitation on Dennys Dam has started. I understand there may be several questions regarding what is being done, and timing of the work.

Denny’s Dam Rehabilitation Project

Facca Inc. has been contracted by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) to carry out rehabilitation work for Denny’s Dam. The details are as follows:


The rehabilitation work will include:
● construction of access roads to the north and south ends of the dam <>br ● repairs to the fishway, the north overflow weir, the north wingwall, and the dam toe and abutments
● installation of anchors
● placement of new concrete and downstream erosion protection.


The work will take two seasons:
● 2017, August 28th until October 31st
● 2018, June 15th until October 15th

The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission (GLFC) has additionally posted information about the project on their website and the importance of Dennys Dam to controlling the population of sea lamprey. This article can be accessed at

A component of the project involves dredging of accumulated sediment around the fish way. Sediment testing, and fate of sediment disposal is scheduled to begin September 11, with sediment removal beginning September 18 with completion by September 22. It is unlikely there will be sufficient water through the fish way during dredging to pass fish. We anticipate sediment removal to take 2-3 days based on previous experience at the site.

I understand there may be concerns pertaining to fish migration, MNRF and the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission are working collaboratively to ensure there are no significant effects. We have confirmed that water is currently running through the fishway and will continue until dredging starts. Dredging will occur as quickly as possible with appropriate mitigation measures being utilized. Water through the fishway will be re-established once dredging is completed. We recognize the importance of this resource.

If there are any significant changes I will ensure the clubs are notified.

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Tracy Allison
Resources Management Supervisor
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