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Recovery comes quick when dams are removed.

Wild Steelhead Coalition The New Yorker weighs in on the revival of the Elwha River. #wildsteelhead More info:

Wow! Pretty impressive.

HISTORY Camille Egdorf is on the path to be one of the best angler’s in the world. Here’s more on her story, from our partner YETI. Learn more at: More info:

Great read.

Wild Steelhead Coalition We teamed up with retired WDFW scientist Dick Burge to examine how handling practices can impact mortality levels and the potential changes in fish that damage eggs and fry development. Check it out! #wildsteelhead More info:

Another must view. There’s never any place for oversized dams…Matter of fact there is never any place for any dam.

Susitna River Coalition Greetings SRC fb followers! Ryan Peterson writing here. It is with great pride and excitement that we are today sharing “The Super Salmon” with the world – a little movie about the Su and the spotlight it’s been in these last few years. From the first screening in Talkeetna a year ago, […]

The greatest river in Canada. Honour and protect her

Wild Salmon Center The Skeena River is one of the world’s remaining wild salmon strongholds and is under immense pressure from a foreign company’s Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) development. More info:

It’s amazing just how many animals depend on salmon. Nice message

Olympic National Park I went looking for spawning salmon and found a fishing bobcat. Standing on the bridge watching the fish struggle upstream, I just happened to catch this Hoh inhabitant catching breakfast. You never know what you might come across even on a quiet snowy morning. Ranger Lee More info:

Salmon Dodge Traffic [Video]

Watch this video of salmon crossing dodging traffic on a washed out road!

Saugeen Shores Says No To Hydroelectric at Dennys

Natel Energy of California wants to build a hydroelectric power plant at Denny’s Dam. Saugeen Shores declined the request which was an upstanding move on behalf of the municipality. Read the full story:

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