The executive of Ontario Steelheaders (OSH) is pleased to announce to our members, the new equipment SWAP PAGE located on the OSH website. Now members will be able to post and sell those old fishing related items that have been stored in the basement, garage, shed, etc., for all those years !! This is a free service to our members so please use it and post your items and encourage family and friends to join the OSH and utilize all the benefits we offer. (A special Thank You to Scott Kidwell, our website manager for his excellent work on this project).

Simple to use: All members interested in using the service need to LOGIN on our website using your email address and password to post a new classified ad. If you have never logged into your account or forgotten your password, you can use the password reset utility to reset your password. When creating a classified ad, please enter all title, description and contact details and you may include up to six photos. You will receive a special code by email which will allow you to go back in and edit and remove your post.

This coming Saturday Oct 11th, there will be a potluck supper at the Rod Jones Pavilion starting a 6:00pm. Everyone wishing to attend, please bring a food item of your choice. Shortly after our meal, a new plaque will be unveiled to honour and remember “Those Who Have Blessed Our Lives and Graced Our Park”. In tribute, we are asking members would like to display a plaque of a loved one or friend of whom was a past member to follow a couple of simple rules. Plaque will a maximum of 3″ x 5″ and display the person’s name only – NO DATES or IN MEMORY OF. The cost of the plaque will the responsibility of each individual.

Hope to see you all there !!!!

David Allen, Media & News Director