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Beatty Saugeen Watershed – Negative Impact by 4 Gravel Pits + 3 Applications

To: Mr. Gary Christie, President, My name is Jo Chisholm; I am part of a group of neighbours in the township of Southgate near Holstein who are objecting to the cluster of gravel pits that have sprung up in the last four years in approx. a 3 sq. km. radius along a glacial moraine adjacent […]

Ontario Steelheaders 2013 Annual Spring Steelhead Derby Report

Hi fellow Steelheaders. Another successful derby! It was the best weather for a derby in a long time, sunny and warm all day. We had about 8 fish weighted in. I have to say it was a great derby for me, everybody was a huge help getting things organized for this event. Well the winning […]

200 + Strong

WOW – we are well over 230 members and from all accounts we continue to be growing strong. It is that time of year again when many of your membership’s will be expiring, the expiry date is May to May – please feel free to check with me in person or through email to see […]

Steelheaders / Lake Huron Club Beat Mother Nature and the Steelhead

As you’ve probably heard we’ve been experiencing  record cold weather, record wet weather and record runs of steelhead on the Saugeen River this spring. The old boys on the river have been facing the elements at their own pace and getting the job doneAs I said the rains and cold have been one for the […]

Thanks Walter Oster and the Toronto Sportsman Show From the Ontario Steelheaders

Just a quick line to let you guys know that Walter Oster and the Toronto Sportsman Show are good for their word. A few weeks ago Walter happened to see the post on the Ontario Steelheaders / Lake Huron Fishing Club’s success on the Saugeen this spring. At the time Walter posted to promise $5,000 […]

$50,000 Fine For Importing Live Asian Carp

June 22, 2012 A Toronto fish importing company and the company president have been fined a total of $50,000 for possessing live Asian Carp in Ontario. Xionyin Trading Inc., of Toronto pleaded guilty to possessing live invasive fish and was fined $40,000. Xiong Wang of Markham, also pleaded guilty to possessing live invasive fish and […]

President’s Report

Well folks it’s that time of year again were the OS is busy with a number of things. First we captured our adult’s at Denny’s Dam and moved them up stream to the prime spawning grounds of the Beatty headwaters of the Saugeen. Next came egg taking for next year’s little guys and along with […]

The Law (Fisheries Act of Canada) Did you know?

Here are some rules from the Fisheries Act of Canada. Throwing overboard of certain substances prohibited 36. (1) No one shall (a) throw overboard ballast, coal ashes, stones or other prejudicial or deleterious substances in any river, harbour or roadstead, or in any water where fishing is carried on; (b) leave or deposit or cause […]

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