Fishway Work

Rumors, grumbles and a whole lot of bull crap usually escapes up from the river and travels across the phone lines to our President, members of the Board Of Directors, the Ministry of Natural Resources and eventually to my office. Over the course of a year we hear a lot and discuss a lot. We agree…most of the time. Sometimes we disagree. If I have a problem or a concern, I take it to Karl and he takes it to the directors.

About this time last year I expressed a concern about people submitting material to the Steelheaders newsletter to push their own personal causes or for that matter their businesses or other financial interests. No matter where you go, how hard you work or what you achieve, there are going to be armchair critics that want to give advice or criticism and exploit your work. These same critics for the most part, have usually done nothing for the fishery; seldom, or never giving labour or financial support to our causes.

Down In the trap!
A few weeks ago, word filtered back to me that a meeting was being planned to discuss fisheries management for the Saugeen River. Interestingly enough, it was apparent that the Ontario Steelheaders and Lake Huron Fishing Club seemed to be the last to hear about such a meeting. In fact, we weren’t even on the list of those expected to be present at the meeting. After a number of contacts with the Municipality of Brockton, the Ministry of Natural Resources, our president Karl Redin, our Directors, Mike Hahn Vice President of the Lake Huron Fishing Club and other experienced ‘dedicated’ volunteers that have worked on our programs over the years, the Ontario Steelheaders have made the following recommendations concerning the Saugeen River.

  1. No changes whatsoever to present sanctuaries and seasons for steelhead (rainbow trout) 
  2. No changes to daily or possession limits to steelhead (rainbow trout)
  3. No implementation of catch and releases zones on the Saugeen River
  4. No implementation of Fly Fishing Only zones on the Saugeen River

The recommendations were presented to Richard Radford, Chief Administrative Manager of the Municipality of Brockton and those who were expected to attend the meeting. I also have to note that our recommendations were fully supported by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Hatchery Work

It didn’t surprise me that most, if in fact any of those originally planning to attend the meeting had ever taken part in our fish transfers, egg taking, fishway improvements or hatchery operations…Where were they when we were freezing in the trap?.. Or building fishways? Or working in a hatchery?