Saugeen RainbowBoy oh boy have we made something spectacular out of the old Saugeen River. When weather and water come together we’ve changed and improved the steelhead run into one of the finest if not the finest steelhead stream on this continent. In my humble opinion the runs are well over 50,000 fish when you combine autumn and spring. How do I know? I do my math and observe the fishways and upstream ‘tribs’ more than most. Again, we were averaging more than 300 fish in a lift with the trap down for just a little more than an hour. Think about the long term, when that trap is out of the water r 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for weeks at a time. And those fish are running non-stop from mid-September all the way around the calendar til late April, or even mid-May. Think of the total number of fish that are caught daily behind Steelheaders Park from mid-September til late May. The returns have been outstanding!