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From Madeline’s Membership Desk

We are coming up to our two year anniversary since the current BOD was established and our membership roster continues to grow and presently we are well over 190 members. Membership renewals and new sign-ups were held at the Fall Derby. The Spring Derby of 2012 was also a huge success. I hate to beat […]

Proposed Changes Get a Big Thumbs Down

Fishway WorkRumors, grumbles and a whole lot of bull crap usually escapes up from the river and travels across the phone lines to our President, members of the Board Of Directors, the Ministry of Natural Resources and eventually to my office. Over the course of a year we hear a lot and discuss a lot. […]

The New Ontario Steelheaders/MNR Endeavour

Anyway, here’s a little last minute update. Back in June a couple of years ago, I sat with Shawn Carey, the area supervisor for Grey/Bruce, and Dave Reid the head biologist/manager of the upper lakes. Over a couple of beers (I had the brew, they had the diet cokes), I suggested that they could complement […]

A Last Minute Update …and a Couple of Personal Opinions

Boy oh boy have we made something spectacular out of the old Saugeen River. When weather and water come together we’ve changed and improved the steelhead run into one of the finest if not the finest steelhead stream on this continent. In my humble opinion the runs are well over 50,000 fish when you combine […]

Fishway News

As we all witnessed, spring came early to Grey & Bruce Counties, bringing with it some fabulous runs of rainbows. Unfortunately shortly after, we experienced very low water conditions occurring much earlier than ‘normal’. Low flows left many fish stranded throughout the landscape with the combined effect of significantly less nursery habitat available to the […]

How to Fish Trout Beads

Trout beads are an excellent choice of bait when fishing for Steelhead. Although they have been around for years, this type of bead (rigged tandem bead-to-hook) has been traced back to the 60’s and perhaps earlier in the United States. With their increased popularity to produce fish throughout their Alaska and the West Coast origin, […]

Jessie James and His Gang Are Back!

Jeez, autumn! A little rain, a little cold weather and it was predictable that the rainbows would be running the Saugeen. As expected, Jessie James and his gang were also back, prowling along the banks of the Saugeen.Yes I know, Jessie James and his gang have all been dead and buried for more than a […]

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