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Fishway News

An unusually early melt has resulted in possibly the earliest run of steelhead on the Saugeen in recent memory.Top view of the new fishway at Maple Hill DamAfter much effort by Ontario Steelheaders, MNR and other partner groups it is safe to say Walkerton Fishway at Truax dam is running optimally! On one March afternoon, […]

Fundraiser Report

Supporter funding strong as ever!!The storefront Supporter Decal Program is a real hit with tackle retailers, restaurants and other businesses. These supporting businesses donate 200 dollars towards our Fisheries Enhancement Fund. In return, the Ontario Steelheaders are supplying the stores and businesses with a storefront “Supporter” decal to display, as well as an advertisement spot […]

Steelhead Run; One For the Books

It has been an incredible late winter-early spring season in southern Ontario.Temperature records were broken across the province. Highs in the mid-20s and bright sunshine have the turkeys gobbling and the trees in local forests starting to sprout foliage.This warm weather has also sent the steelhead populations into spring migration overdrive. While the forecasters are […]

Treasurer’s Report

Greetings fellow Steelheaders! Here we are once again with spring upon us. According to all reports I’ve heard, the spring run has been nothing but spectacular, with not only great numbers of fish, but good sized fish.I personally would like to thank all of you for your generosity and commitment to our programs. Whether through […]

Spring 2012 Adult Transfer

The 1000 fish “Hail Mary”As everyone watched the rising temperature trend that began around the middle of February we began to wonder how it would affect the spring runs, and how it would affect the Ontario Steelheaders annual Spring Adult Transfer effort. Around Feb 22nd, it became evident that if we didn’t jump in to […]

2012 Egg Collection

Rainbow Trout Eggs Stripped & Being FertailizedAs of Sunday April 8th, we finally got the last of our 100.000 eggs! It has been a long, cold haul filled with uncertainty and a lot of finger crossing. They deserve a huge thank you for their persistence!2012 Rainbow Trout Egg Collection TraysStripping eggs and milt may sound […]

Kincardine Trout Hatchery Report

The Lake Huron Fishing Club’s Kincardine Trout Hatchery is full of fish ready to be released. As you can see from the picture, our yearling rainbows are in good shape and just waiting for the river to warm up. There are approximately 62,000 fish ready to be trucked to the 3 release sites chosen on […]

Steelheading for Dummies?

My first steelhead came on the second cast of my first outing. That’s lucky, right? Sure it is, considering the reason it took two casts was because I had to land the coho that ate my little Cleo on the previous cast of that same outing. I don’t believe much in luck but in retrospect, […]

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