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Are We There Yet?

A Retrospective look at the Saugeen River by Rob Heal   On a cold, hard Sunday in late March of 1994, with an unrelenting wind blowing hard out of the west and driving the frozen rain against my face, I caught my first fly rod steelhead. She was one of three that I hooked and […]

Outstanding Progress

Oct 1st, 2011 – Ontario Steelheaders President’s Address I trust everyone had a great and relaxing summer, and you are now looking forward to the beginning of another exciting fall steelhead season. I know it’s the beginning of autumn, as I just got back from my annual duck, grouse and walleye trip with my son […]

Battle of the Crest

Some of you may or may not know my wife Madeline is the Membership Director for the Ontario Steelheaders. I have been a member of the Ontario Steelheaders for many years and was very proud of my wife for stepping up to the plate to help out an organization that I actively enjoy taking part […]

News & Media Update

Hello Steelheaders! These are exciting days for the Ontario Steelheaders indeed. Our advertising support is unbelievable this year. There are so many businesses that want to support us through the Decal Program and through other channels that it‟s been difficult to keep up with them. “Nice problem to have” as the saying goes. Seriously though, […]

Fisheries Report

By Darryl Choronzey For starters, let‟s just say that the Ontario Steelheaders in partnership with the Lake Huron Fishing Club and Ministry of Natural Resources have accomplished one hell of a lot over the last six months. It‟s been very interesting watching things develop and in a few cases the results have even surprised me. […]

Spring Steelhead Adult Transfer

For starters, it has to be remembered that the Ontario Steelheaders have been stocking adult rainbow trout into the Beatty Saugeen for what seems to be eons. Remember, the purpose of this project is to place adult steelhead into the prime nursery waters of the Beatty so they reproduce successfully and their protégé hatch, thrive, […]

Finishing Thoughts

Now this has been one hell of year. Here’s what we have accomplished: -One great working relationship between the Ontario Steelheaders, Lake Huron Fishing Club and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – 65,000 amazing steelhead smolt stocked again in the Saugeen River – 1,000 adult steelhead transferred to the Beatty – the new improved […]

Walkerton Fishway

By now, everyone should know that the Walkerton Fishway was given a major overhaul this past spring. Remember, the final goal is to get adult steelhead up and over the Walkerton dam and into the Beatty. The redesign meant a major overhaul. If you even think that getting the needed changes done was a simple […]

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